Nothing that happens to us in any aspect of our lives goes unseen by the Omnipotent and Omnipresent God that we serve

Whist our experiences as survivors of spiritual abuse, have been tough and at times unbearable, we are assured that provision has already been made for our complete healing through Jesus Christ.

The book ‘Surviving Spiritual Abuse - Hope, Healing and Restoration for Those Who Have Experienced Hurt’ was written by Francesca McDowall in 2020 and released in Spring 2021

On this page you will also learn about the ReStart Programmes birthed during the writing journey.

In the context of this book we define spiritual abuse as any form of abuse occurring as a result of being in, or connected to the Christian faith, and or from one Christian (individual, group or organisation) to another. The types of abuse may range from emotional, physical, sexual, financial to psychological.

Support Available

You can currently learn more information about spiritual abuse and receive support in the following ways 

Obtain your copy of Surviving Spiritual Abuse

This is a story of courage, hope and restoration, and explores the often complex and misunderstood topic of spiritually abusive environments.

Learn about the ReStart Therapeutic Coaching Programme

This programme has been specially designed to support individuals whose life purpose has been negatively impacted by spiritual abuse

Attend a Let’s Talk about Spiritual Abuse event

Join us for a discussion on zoom to learn more about spiritual abuse, ask questionsand share your views in a safe and supportive environment

Enquire about the ReStart Leadership Programmes

If you would like to request awareness raising training or bespoke leadership training on spiritual abuse complete an enquiry form

You can also connect with Fran on Social Media

What Others Say


"I recommend this book to anyone who has experienced spiritual abuse, is going through spiritual abuse and/or wants to understand spiritual abuse. Fran has done well to expose it and show there is light at the end of the tunnel for those who've been abused if they put their faith in God and get the healing they need"

Marcia Dixon MBE 

 PR Specialist | Speaker


"In my 28 years of serving as a Minister of the Gospel, I have yet to come across a more effective book on the topic of Spiritual Abuse. Although it is not an exhaustive work on the topic per se, something about the way it combines personal testimonials with the most insightful of teachings by the author, makes it a must have in any ministry collections"

Michael Ekwulugo 

Senior Pastor | Author


"I would encourage anyone who has experienced spiritual abuse to read the book. It doesn't demonstrate an eye for an eye, it demonstrates being anchored in the one that created you. Trusting in a heavenly father who heals, comforts and nurtures. These may just sound like beautiful words, but nevertheless they speak the truth"

Claudeth Bennett

NLDN Regional Chair | Business Owner

Francesca  McDowall

Thank you for visiting this page. In 2020 just before lockdown I was inspired by God to write Surviving Spiritual Abuse. I spent six months writing and also interviewing those willing to share their stories. During this process I was inspired to create the ReStart Therapeutic Coaching Programme, as a tool to help survivors heal. I am so grateful that I could share my story of how God has restored and healed me, as it has already brought hope to so many others. Spiritual abuse is not an easy subject, as there are many complexities but my prayer for you finding this page is that you will receive the answers and support you need. You are deeply loved by your Heavenly Father and His desire is for you to be whole, no pain is too deep for Him to reach.

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