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Surviving Spiritual Abuse – Hope Healing & Restoration for those who’ve experienced hurt’

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"Have you ever felt like you were done with church? Disappointed and damaged by the leaders and the people, with no plan of ever returning. Have you ever been so hurt and broken wondering if God sees what you have been through? If so, this is the book for you. Surviving Spiritual Abuse is a story of toxic leadership, and the devastating impact that it has, BUT more importantly the antidote found in Jesus Christ.

This is a story of courage, hope and restoration, and explores the often complex and misunderstood issue of spiritually abusive environments. This book demonstrates that beauty can arise from the ashes; there is light after the darkness and joy following despair."

Snippet of the Foreward by Pastor Michael Ekwulogo
“… there are two reasons why I endorse, and highly recommend this book. The first, is because in my 28 years of serving as a minister of the Gospel, I have yet to come across a more effective book on the topic of Spiritual Abuse. Although it is not an exhaustive work on the topic per se, something about the way it combines personal testimonials (from such a wide range of individuals) with the most insightful of teachings by the author, makes it a must have in any ministry collection. This will
become one of my 'staples' as I minister to those who have been affected by this awful, and often faceless form of abuse. My second reason for recommending this book is because of the author,

Francesca. They say that hurting people hurt people; but whole people heal people. Watching Francesca's journey has been a magnificent display of what the Word of God teaches in Romans
8:28-29 …”

Surviving Spiritual Abuse

Hope, Healing & Restoration For Those Who Have Experienced Church Hurt